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Logging In Bc History

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History of Commercial Logging – British Columbia in a ...
    History of Commercial Logging Commercial logging in British Columbia dates back to the 1820s when timber was predominantly used for masts on ships. By the 1860s, export production increased with the establishment of many saw mills on the southern end of Vancouver Island and the Burrard Inlet.

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History of the Forestry Industry in British Columbia
    The construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway created a greater demand for BC lumber. With the railway’s completion in late 1885 lumber exports to eastern Canada and the world increased. Railways were built to reach the logging camps. By 1912 there were 365 kilometres of logging track on the British Columbia coast. 1890s

Big Timber - A Canadian Government film about BC's Forest ...
    15/08/2016 · The film follows the timber industry from logging through to export The sawmill is in Chemainus, this version was built in 1924. At the time the sawmill has owned by the Victoria Lumber Company. It is 1946 that the …Author: BC History

Logging - Wikipedia
    Clearcut logging is not necessarily considered a type of logging but a harvesting or silviculture method, and is simply called clearcutting or block cutting. In the forest products industry logging companies may be referred to as logging contractors, with the smaller, non-union crews referred to as "gyppo loggers".

Timber Trade History The Canadian Encyclopedia
    Over the course of the industry’s history, weather conditions, commercial uncertainties and imperfect market intelligence produced wide fluctuations in the demand for—and the price of—wood. Logging Methods. Logging was essentially a winter occupation, beginning with the first snowfall.

History of British Columbia - Wikipedia
    Human history in what has come to be known as British Columbia dates back thousands of years. Archaeology finds in British Columbia have been dated to as early as 13,500 years ago, with some exciting potential for underwater sites beginning to be detected.

Logging - City of Vancouver Archives
    Part of Dunbar History Project fonds Item was filed under People and customs. 50 ton shay locomotive [Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co.] at Galloway, B.C. [loaded with logs]

Logging forestry
    Logging, process of harvesting trees, sawing them into appropriate lengths (bucking), and transporting them (skidding) to a sawmill. The different phases of this process vary with local conditions and technology. In the 19th century logging was a hand process, and in some parts of the world it has

Logging : British Columbia's logging history: Ed Gould ...
    Logging : British Columbia's logging history Hardcover – Jun 1 1975. by Ed Gould (Author) Be the first to review this item. See all 3 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Amazon Price New from Used from Hardcover "Please retry ...Author: Ed Gould

Logging Tax - Province of British Columbia
    Logging income is generally gross revenue from logging operations less related operating expenses and is calculated according to Division B of the Income Tax Act (Canada). If logging income is recorded as a capital gain, the logging tax applies to the taxable portion of the capital gain.

Timber: History of BC's Logging Industry Historical ...
    Timber: History of BC's Logging Industry . By . Christina Lanteigne, Tom Morton. Brief Description: Using photographs and a chronology of events and trends in the forest industry, students will identify various periods and turning points in the history of the industry.

BC Forestry Wilderness Committee
    Two-thirds of BC’s land base – 60 million hectares – is covered in trees. Only about 22 million hectares of this vast forest was ever suitable for logging, and much of this has already been logged. These logged forests once harboured the biggest trees and the best wildlife habitat in BC.

The History of Logging Equipment Bizfluent
    The history of logging equipment dates to the pick and ax, but mechanized logging equipment did not emerge until the late 19th century with the invention of the steam donkey winch, band saws and, later, trucks powered by gasoline-powered engines. Operating early equipment was dirty, dangerous work. Modern equipment ...

The Evolution Of West Coast Logging Legion Magazine
    The Evolution Of West Coast Logging November 1, 1997 by Richard A. Rajala There’s an old black and white photograph at the British Columbia Archives that shows a group of men standing next to a …

Logging Trucks in British Columbia - BC Forest Safe
    BC LOGGING TRUCKS HISTORY Logging trucks have been on our Public BC Provincial and Private Resource Roads for many years, evolving with each technological advancement to be safer, more effective and efficient. Photo credit: The Terrace and Region Archives ROLE OF LOGGING TRUCKS IN …

Nanaimo Archives :: Schon, Don - Logging on the BC Coast
    The Hand Logger - it was one of the most interesting phenomena in the B.C.'s colorful logging history. First, let's understand what is meant by hand logging. Hand logging was a practice of felling and wrestling huge west coast timber into the coastal waters by no other than human muscular power. The use of power machinery was forbidden.

Holbrook Dyson Logging - Home Holbrook Dyson Logging
    Holbrook Dyson Logging is a SAFE Certified Company with the BC Forest Safety Council. Through its relationship with Canfor and then Western Forest Products (WFP), Holbrook Dyson Logging meets the International Standards Organization (ISO 14001) and the …

Tie Hackers to Timber Harvesters: The History of Logging ...
    The first complete history of logging in BC's interior documents the characters, companies and innovations that have helped make BC a world leader in the forest products industry. This large-format book includes more than 200 historical photographs and scores of oral histories from the loggers, millworkers and policy-makers who made the ...4/5

British Columbia Historical Photographs Online
    British Columbia Historical Photographs Online contains links to online historical photograph databases and galleries mounted on archival web sites in British Columbia. The site is maintained by the Archives Association of British Columbia (AABC).

logging in BC -
    logging occurs on unreserved public land (aka “rown land”). 95% of forest are publicly owned and managed by government. This represents ~2/3 of the province. The logging industry in BC has developed through time and space in response to: different markets (from ship masts to paper products) technologies transportation A (BRIEF) HISTORY OF ...

The History of Logging Equipment The Classroom
    The history of logging equipment dates to the pick and ax, but mechanized logging equipment did not emerge until the late 19th century with the invention of the steam donkey winch, band saws and, later, trucks powered by gasoline-powered engines.

Okanagan history: Vintage logging truck restored Life ...
    The spring 1985 newsletter of the Canadian Forestry Association of BC contains an article about a local vintage logging truck, its restoration, and donation to the local Silver Lake Forestry and Logging Museum: The headline was: “Vintage logging truck donated” The story said: “The Silver LakeAuthor: A. Charley Adam

Forestry - Province of British Columbia
    The Province of British Columbia is taking action to maintain the forest sector’s position as a driving force in B.C.’s economy, especially in rural communities. The forest sector is a critical economic generator for B.C. It supports healthy, stable communities, and provides jobs for …

Overview of the BC Forestry Industry
    British Columbia has Canada has 62% 38% 1 52% 95% Crown Provincial (89,512,571 ha) Economic Impact Top Three Export Markets: US, China, Japan* The BC forest sector continues to recover from 2009, the sector’s worst year of the recession, and one of the worst years for BC forestry in recent history. Since 2009, China has been a key driver of

Main Logging Ltd - Home
    History. Incorporated in 1981, Main Logging is a private contract company with over 35 years of combined experience in the forest industry. Our roots are in logging, but we've expanded our services to meet the market's everchanging needs.

Published by the Forest History Association of British ...
    Published by the Forest History Association of British Columbia No. Forty -two Victoria, British Columbia April 1995 RAILWAY LOGGING AROUND MERRITT by Jack Robinson Prior to the construction of an actual logging railway in the 1920s into Midday Valley, the Kettle Valley

logging equipment A Powell River BC Historical Website
    Posted in Murphy Lake Tagged donkey sled, logging, logging equipment, logging skid, Powell River ... Tagged logging equipment, Powell River BC, quad riding, vanishing history ... Khartoum Lake, in Powell River has a long history, named after the famous Khartoum, sits beside another lake that is now called Lois Lake, prior was ...

Holberg, BC - 1950 - A History of Holberg - 30th ...
    1950 - A History of Holberg ... RCAF Station Holberg, BC, its primary function was that of early warning: "to collect, ... In addition to the decking of a float, 4 docks have been constructed jointly with the Rayonier Logging Company and boom logs have been placed for breakwater purposes.

Stillwater Logging Camp A Powell River BC Historical Website
    Stillwater was a logging camp, in its heyday was one of the largest settlements north of Vancouver, its only rival was VanAnda which eventually surpassed it. Logging in the Stillwater area has been going on since 1890, and even to this day Stillwater is a log sort for Olympic Logging, as well as a Hydro Power Plant for Powell River Energy.

Tofino History and Clayoquot Sound History
    After a contentious summer in the woods, 856 activists were arrested for protesting the practice of clearcut logging at Kennedy Lake, just south of Tofino. The protest garnered world-wide media attention and stood as the largest mass arrest in Canadian history, until June 2010 when 900 protesters were arrested at the G20 Summit in Toronto.

BC Forest Facts Canada's Log People
    BC Forest Facts Age of Trees. Today, BC has more forests that are over a century old than it did 40 years ago – 25 million hectares (62 million acres) compared to 18 million hectares (44 million acres).Founded Location: 100 Mile House, BC, Canada

History of Surrey City of Surrey
    Logging began, the land was cleared and small farming communities grew. Surrey was incorporated as a Municipality in 1879 and didn’t officially become a city until September of 1993. We have a rich history of people with diverse ethnic backgrounds who have come together to make us one of BC's most unique communities. Experience Surrey's Heritage

Pros and Cons about logging - Logging history
    Pros and Cons about logging ... The company employs over 600 people in British Columbia and Alberta and conducts business with an additional 600 woodlands, log and chipping companies. Bad things about logging. Logging is bad because we lose many of our forests and some will never grow back again.

BC has entered the era of extreme old-growth logging. We ...
    A 2016 Sierra Club BC map showed about half of Vancouver Island and the south coast beyond dangerous limits for plants and animals that depend on old-growth in 2016. The growing public outcry and conflict over the B.C. government’s support for extreme old …

BC's Forest facts Council of Forest Industries
    BC’s forest industry is vital to BC’s economy and environment, ranging from logging jobs and wood innovation, to forest research and carbon capture.

Early Washington and the Logging ... - American History USA
    The rough world of Washington logging towns. During the first decades of significant settlement, logging was very much a small organization enterprise. Often a few men would set up a site near the shore of Puget Sound, cut down all of the surrounding trees, and overload the closest ship for transport to …

Camp Food in a Logging Camp -
    Camp Food in a Logging Camp. Hank Simonson’s father was a faller all his life. Hank and his family lived in the woods at Irmulco and at GlenBlair and had first hand experience of logging camp food which he said was very good. Today it is quite difficult to get specifics of how the workers in the woods were fed a hundred years ago.

History BC Forest Discovery Centre
    Gray Campbell and Michael Coney, Forest Adventure: A Guide to the British Columbia Forest Museum, Porthole Press Ltd: Sidney, 1985 BC Forest Museum scrapbooks Gerry Wellburn, speaking to the Pacific Forestry Centre, "The History of Logging in the Cowichan Valley", May 31, 1989 Vern Wellburn.

Surrey History
    The City of Surrey: A history from aboriginal settlement, and including European exploration, pioneer settlement, development of roads and railways, agriculture, forestry, Lumber and Single Mills, and the development of urban centers.

Lake Cowichan – History – Cowichan Lake District Chamber ...
    The town of Lake Cowichan, BC, is located 31 kilometers west of Duncan at the beginning of the Cowichan River at Cowichan Lake. Cowichan Lake is one of the largest bodies of fresh water on Vancouver Island. The Town was incorporated on August 19, 1944 and this is its history from early settlement to the present. Early Settlement

Pitt Lake
    Bridal Veil falls is located where Defrauder Creek empties into Pitt Lake, for many generations, centuries, it was known as Bridal Veil falls; on July 3, 1963 the name of Defrauder Creek was officially applied, and was an established local name according to Geological Survey of Canada field staff.

British Columbia’s Forest Industry and the B.C. Economy in ...
    - Forestry, Logging and Support (NAICS 11N) - Wood Product Manufacturing (NAICS 321) - Paper Manufacturing (NAICS 322) PwC was retained by the member companies of the BC Council of Forest Industries, BC Lumber Trade Council, Coast Forest Products Association and Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association (“the Associations”) to conduct

Whistler BC Canada History Tourism Whistler
    The Whistler area is not only a place of scenic wonder, but also a region that is rich with a fascinating history and cultural background. Before becoming a ski area and Host Mountain Resort for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, this was a place that drew visitors from far and wide.

Overview of Canada's forest industry Natural Resources ...
    Canada's forest industry by the numbers. Forests are a major source of wealth for Canadians, providing a wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits. In 2013, production in the forest sector contributed $19.8 billion—or 1.25%—to Canada’s real gross domestic product (GDP).

    Horse logging in the Creston area with a Michigan Big Wheel, 1907. Having the butt ends of the logs raised up above the ground made them much easier to skid. BC Archives photo. Logging was an exciting enterprise in John Martin’s day. Dozens of sawmills, both large and small, dotted the region; the Porto Rico in Ymir, the A.G. Lambert in Nelson

Old Logging Videos in Forestry and Logging
    01/01/2010 · A few points to ponder; wonder how successful those snow motors were? Looks like a good concept. In the logging video, same forest management concepts and logging routines as today, just different equipment and fewer men used nowadays.

Tie Hackers to Timber Harvesters: The History of Logging ...
    29/11/2015 · Buy Tie Hackers to Timber Harvesters: The History of Logging in BC's Interior on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders5/5(2)